sometimes i push hard enough on the lead pencil to watch it break

for some odd reason it gives me satisfaction

This Christmas has been a blast.. it all become a whirlwind blur. More of a rowdy loud and fast moving party from one family to the other… I will save the quietness and pensiveness for the New Years.

It is my dads birthday on Christmas. There was so much heavy food and so many parties that on the eve of Christmas spending it with my family, i was tired to bake. So that afternoon I blended incredients together with ripened banana, and stuck it in the freezer and that was my days work. Although he found the cayenne a bit too spicy for his liking, my family stated that it tasted very similar to the raw bakeries. This is my first one, and things were slightly nuanced than I would’ve hoped becuase I don’t like the banana flavor and texture that much, but aside from that I love raw cakes. I want to defn make more in the future.